Fiber Optics Component and Equipment Products
 Fiber Optics Communications Networking Products

Alphalink premium passive and active fiber optic components are designed for high performance and quality. All are based upon industry standards and customer specifications. Our products are RoHS compliant.

Each product as well as its packaging may be customized and then optimized for individual customers and market areas, depending on specific needs.

Our advanced fused-fiber technologies allow us to develop passive fiber optic components with high isolation, high performance, excellent PDL, high power-handling capabilities, low insertion loss, and uncompromised quality.

Alphalink also manufactures media converters and our original optical polisher. Our patented hypocycloid motion optical polishers are revolutionized to fit your production requirements.

Alphalink's Total Solution Service program incorporates technical, manufacturing, and marketing resources to provide custom integrations and solutions for the user environment. OEM customers are welcome and very much encouraged to submit requests for personalized products.



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